900 Expo Drive Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: (615) 220-7777 Fax: (615) 220-7710
900 Expo Drive Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: (615) 220-7777 Fax: (615) 220-7710
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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
12250252021Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56578" Raised RoofRTLO18918BCall!
12229342021Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-7  3002500RDS-PCall!
12390972021Peterbilt579-123"Cummins  X15  450NonEndurant 12 spdCall!
11984132021Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-7  3002500RDS-PCall!
10636172020Peterbilt579Cummins  X15  52580" High RoofRTLO18918BCall!
10774672020Peterbilt579Cummins  X15  52580" High RoofRTLO18918BCall!
11322712020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-7  2602500 RDS ATCall!
11344302020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-7  2602100RDSCall!
12403912021Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56578" Raised RoofRTLO18918BCall!
12403922021Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56578" Raised RoofRTLO18918BCall!
12403932021Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56572" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
MD7502642021Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56572" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
MD7502652021Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56558" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
MD7502662021Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56558" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
12376852021Peterbilt579-123"Cummins  X15  450NonEndurant 12 spdCall!
12344642021Peterbilt579 UltraloftPaccar  MX-13  51080" Ultraloft12 Spd AutomatiCall!
12358792021Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  330AutomaticCall!
12365062021Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  330AutomaticCall!
12358762021Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  330AutomaticCall!
12365082021Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  330AutomaticCall!
MM7569202021Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  330AutomaticCall!
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