900 Expo Drive Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: (615) 220-7777 Fax: (615) 220-7710
900 Expo Drive Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: (615) 220-7777 Fax: (615) 220-7710
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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
10136562020Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  52558" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
10136412020Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  52558" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
10102792020Peterbilt567 SFFACummins  X15  52580" High RoofRTLO18918BCall!
10103012020Peterbilt567 SFFACummins  X15  565NonRTLO18918BCall!
10102942020Peterbilt567 SFFACummins  X15  525NonRTLO18918BCall!
10102982020Peterbilt567 SFFACummins  X15  525NonRTLO18918BCall!
10102822020Peterbilt567Cummins  X15  485RTO16908LLCall!
10102862020Peterbilt567Cummins  X15  4858LL UltrashiftCall!
10136352020Peterbilt567Cummins  X15  4504500 RDSCall!
10136432020Peterbilt567 SFFACummins  X15  565NonRTLO18918BCall!
9259362019Peterbilt567 SFFACummins  X15  52580" High RoofRTLO18918BCall!
9502692019Peterbilt567Cummins  X15  485RTO16908LLCall!
9994982019Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56572" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
9991082019Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56572" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
9922022019Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56572" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
9745952019Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  525NonRTLO18918BCall!
10151492019Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-7  3002500RDS-PCall!
9794122019Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-7  3002500RDS-PCall!
10151552019Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-7  3002500RDS-PCall!
9746032019Peterbilt567Cummins  X15  525NonRTLO18918BCall!
9935592019Peterbilt579 UltraloftPaccar  MX-13  45580" Ultraloft12 Speed AutoCall!
10036322019Peterbilt579 UltraloftCummins  X15  45080" Ultraloft12 Speed AutoCall!
9919782019Peterbilt567 SFFACummins  X15  56544" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
9843802019Peterbilt579-123"Cummins  X15  450NonEndurant 12 spdCall!
9919412019Peterbilt579-123"Cummins  X15  450NonEndurant 12 spdCall!
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