900 Expo Drive Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: (615) 220-7777 Fax: (615) 220-7710
900 Expo Drive Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: (615) 220-7777 Fax: (615) 220-7710
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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
10764542020Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56578" Raised RoofRTLO18918BCall!
10574742020Peterbilt389Cummins  X15  56578" Raised RoofRTLO18918BCall!
10636172020Peterbilt579Cummins  X15  52580" High RoofRTLO18918BCall!
10774672020Peterbilt579Cummins  X15  52580" High RoofRTLO18918BCall!
10392232020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-7  2602100 RDSCall!
10636432020Peterbilt567 SFFACummins  X15  52580" High RoofRTLO18918BCall!
10710272020Peterbilt567 SFFACummins  X15  56544" Flat TopRTLO18918BCall!
10814182020Peterbilt579 UltraloftCummins  X15  50080" Ultraloft12 Spd AutomatiCall!
10081352020Peterbilt567Cummins  X15  4504500 RDSCall!
10294912020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  3003000 RDSCall!
10911402020Peterbilt567Paccar  MX13  51058" Flat Top12 Spd AutomatiCall!
10805272020Peterbilt579 UltraloftCummins  X15  50080" Ultraloft12 Spd AutomatiCall!
10099302020Peterbilt567Cummins  X15  4504500 RDSCall!
11343132020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-7  3002500 RDS ATCall!
11342922020Peterbilt367Cummins  X15  485RTO16908LLCall!
11342962020Peterbilt367Cummins  X15  485RTO16908LLCall!
11344312020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  300AutomaticCall!
11344302020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-7  2602100RDSCall!
10315172020Peterbilt567Cummins  X15  565NonRTLO20918BCall!
11423572020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  300AutomaticCall!
11423602020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  300AutomaticCall!
11423662020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  300AutomaticCall!
10294962020Peterbilt337Paccar  PX-9  3003000 RDSCall!
11441032020Peterbilt367Cummins  X15  4854500RDS ATCall!
11437642020Peterbilt367Cummins  X15  4854500RDS ATCall!
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